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PropertyPulse and Z57 Reviews

We’ve helped thousands of real estate agents grow their business and reach their GCI goals. Read the latest Z57 reviews from our happy clients and see if PropertPulse is the right real estate lead generation system for you

My Z57 sales rep is very helpful, professional and knowledgeable.
Steven A. - REALTOR®
Company Name - March 2020

Steven A. - REALTOR®

My Z57 Account Manager has been helping me with my site and teaching me how I can get more out of my Z57 account and I truly appreciate it. I am diving in with him on maximizing my return.
Robin Y. - REALTOR®
Compass - February 2020

Robin Y. - REALTOR®

Z57 customer service was able to answer all my questions and set up call with my account manager for the next day regarding my instagram questions.
Debra B. - REALTOR®
Next Home Realty - February 2020

Debra B. - REALTOR®

Fabulous customer service experience. Z57 was knowledgeable, patient, so helpful and mostly made me feel he cared about my business. I can't praise them enough! Wonderful experience! Keep up the good work!
Nadine D. - REALTOR®
Lokation Real Estate - February 2020

Nadine D. - REALTOR®

The Z57 Rep I spoke with took care of my issue right away. Super friendly. Thanks. Customer service as usual is right on top of things. My issues got resolved right away. Thank you.
David P. - REALTOR®
3DX Real Estate - February 2020

David P. - REALTOR®

I became a Realtor in 2000 at age 58 with very few technical skills. I have taken tons of classes over the years and made it so far so good. Z57 appealed for the lead generation component. Little did I realize I would have to work to make the system work. Z57 reps have always been kind and generous with their time which I appreciate! I submitted emails before that never got uploaded. The Z57 rep I worked with assured me she would get it done! She did a thorough job for which I am forever grateful!
Dephanie C. - REALTOR®
Horizon Realty Austin - December 2019

Dephanie C. - REALTOR®

I have used Z57 for a number of years now. They are always responsive to any changes I need. I particularly like the Property Pulse section for lead management. It enables me to easily stay in contact with my clients and also to market homes that I list for sale of for rent. I would and I have referred them to many of my associates
William A. - REALTOR®
Excel Real Properties - January 2020

William A. - REALTOR®

I spoke at length with my account rep. about my personal situation. He really listened, very personable, knowledgeable and compassionate to my needs. We discussed different options I could take. We worked it out. I have been with Z57 since 2015 and a very loyal customer. I will always be with the company. I trust my Z57 account manager and look forward to working with him in the future.
Terence K. - REALTOR®
Weichert Realtors - Rumson - January 2020

The rep I spoke with has been very good about follow up and customer service was responded quickly and efficiently to a request for better personalization of my web page.
Carol C. - REALTOR®
Better Homes and Gardens - December 2019

Carol C. - REALTOR®

My Z57 Sales Rep has gone way out his way to help me. He promised in the beginning he wouldn't leave me hanging out to dry. A man of his word. Very impressed by his knowledge and skill.
Maggie W. - REALTOR®
Coldwell Banker Caine - November 2019

Maggie W. - Z57 Reviews

As a new agent, I found it difficult to find leads by relying just on my connections within the community. I knew that I needed to build my online presence, but of course, there are only so many hours in the day. Z57 has been so helpful for me in allowing me to build my social media presence with a mix of my own original content that I'm able to schedule ahead of time, RSS feeds for my local area, and their real estate content. All of that points people back to my website so that I get leads. I was thrilled to find out that the SEO/SEM service was on special, and even though I just started it a few weeks ago, I have multiple leads to work with. One even complimented me on having a great website! The leads, the website, the social media assistance--it's all thanks to Z57--I couldn't be launching my business without them!
Julie R. - REALTOR®
Realty Executives Associates - November 2019

Julie R. - Z57 Reviews

My Z57 account manager did a great job of helping me link my content from KCM to my web Page and setting up my first email campaign. Ready to start emailing!!
Gerald J. - REALTOR®
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services - October 2019

Gerald J. - Z57 Reviews

The Z57 rep was very helpful in getting reviews on website. He also will make sure my cell number is on future posts.
Debra B. - REALTOR®
Next Home Realty - October 2019

Debra B. - REALTOR®

I had questions that arose when working on my website. Called support and got the answers I needed in just a few minutes--and they worked!
Jeff K. - REALTOR®
Annie Montgomery Realty - October 2019

Jeff K. - REALTOR®

Spoke with a rep today, he was very helpful the first person at Z57 to really help me understand what is required for me to move on and for my business and I to see results.

Shelia B. - REALTOR®
Coldwell Banker Residential - October 2019

Shelia B. - REALTOR®

"I was initially contacted by a Z57 marketing consultant who spent approximately 3 and a half hours explaining the benefits and services offered with the Property Pulse Program.

I am skeptical by nature so I had many questions and objections to signing up with a program that was promising to bring in more leads and increase my business.

Z57 was very patient and informative and walked me through the product's interface and explaining everything to me. He even shared the stories and the profiles of many other successful real estate agents that have been having great success with the Z57 system. He talked about the coaching, the Z57 Academy and the webinars and tools that help enhance my success.

Because of the passion of my sales rep with the product and his intense familiarity with the benefits it could provide to me I decided to sign up.
He streamlined the process and within hours I was on-boarded and had a nicely branded website powered by Z57. Unfortunately the form that was provided to me to submit to my MLS was out of date and it took almost three weeks for me to get to the right person to get the IDX form in the hands of the right person to enable the IDX on my new website!

My sales rep was with me all the way through all of my frustrations and assuring me that once this snafu was solved that I would start to see the results he said would come from the Property Pulse system. He advised me to take advantage of the Z57 Academy and all of the tools while waiting for the IDX feed to go live.

I feel very fortunate to have such a great advocate and ally in Z57 to help me with this problem while keeping me focused on the future benefits of what the Property Pulse system will deliver.

I look forward to working with him and Property Pulse to greatly enhance my business and profitability."
JC Realty Group - August 2019

Jay C. - REALTOR® From Wilmington, NC

My account manager is Fabulous! He works with you on anything you need regarding your site. He guides you through and directs you to the correct department for your needs. Him and the Z57 Staff are doing a Fabulous job. Thank you. Keep up the Amazing job❤️
Lori A. - REALTOR®
Keller Williams Peace River Partners - August 2019

Lori A. - REALTOR® From Punta Gorda, FL

I've been a real estate professional for 15 years. In the beginning, I worked it old school... newspaper ads, door knocking, cold calling. After a few years, I started working REO's and performing CMA's, BPO's for a steady income. I didn't have the training behind me to keep my business steady. I knew I needed help to move my business forward and I finally found it! Lead generation is the backbone to our business and getting those leads in and having a system in place to work them and to keep them engaged is the only way that you can move forward. Its not an overnight process but something that has to be worked long term. Having experienced professionals behind me with Z57 is giving me the edge I need. I can concentrate on my business and let them handle the technical parts that I don't have the time or expertise to handle. Thank you Z57.
Laura S. - REALTOR®
Keller Williams - August 2019

Laura S. - REALTOR® From Knoxville, TN

"I would like to tell you about how good property pulse has been to me. I have been having the two worst weeks of my life. My broker fired me because of something a person said I said about the broker and his wife. They did not talk to me about anything. They just said they had to let me go. I called my Z57 internet marketing consultant to let him know that I need help with getting another broker and that I have been over paying for my plan I have with Z57. He told me to take a deep breathe and release it. He helped to calm me down and get me back on the right track. He fixed my over payment issue and help me to get in touch with a new broker. I really thank him for helping me get everything situated. I do not know what I would have done if he would not have helped me. I thank Z57 and my internet marketing consultant for helping be a better agent."
Laketha R. - REALTOR®
The Allen Real Estate Group - July 2019

Laketha R. - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate - Real Estate Tools

"Z77 provides everything I need to be successful "
Carmelo D. - REALTOR®
Carolina Solution - June 2019

Carmelo D. - REALTOR®- Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate - Real Estate Tools

"The Z57 Rep I worked with patiently addressed all of my concerns with sincerity and not trying to pull a fast one. His expertise and dedication to his clients is very apparent, And he was able to actively listen and verbalize well the value proposition of Z57."
Abby R. - REALTOR®
Keller Williams Realty Bellevue - May 2019

Abby R. - REALTOR® From Bellevue, WA - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate - Real Estate Tools

"THE Z57 REP I WORKED WITH WAS AMAZING! Since I onboarded I have been unhappy with the level of service and lack of assistance. She made me do a 180 in my attitude toward the product and service you offer. She was extremely thorough, she fixed little nuances here and there through our convo and she was a delight!"
Marisa L. - REALTOR®
PalmerHouse Properties - May 2019

Marisa L. - REALTOR® From Atlanta, GA - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate - Real Estate Tools

"The Z Academy has helped a lot. I'm an agent from the old days. When I became a real estate agent in 1998, I learned from agents on how to sell face to face. I'm lost today and have enjoyed the Z Academy as it taught me about marketing myself. Everyone loves the posts I learned to make from the Z Academy and I'm not exaggerating. I get a lot of dialogue from them. I want to thank the Z Academy. We all need the truth no matter how painful so we can be successful."

John M. - Realtor®

Listing Paradise Realty - May 2019

John M. - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"The Z Academy gives us something we can really use. Jack and Doug shows us how to use the system. It is really good!"
Sean J. - REALTOR®
Exit Preferred Realty - May 2019

Sean J. - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"The Z Academy is more informative with explicit "how to" instructions when compared to other coaching programs."
Debi T. - REALTOR®
Texas Go 2 Realtors - May 2019

Debi T - Z57 Revievws - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"I have really enjoyed and appreciate that all my questions have been answered and everyone that I have spoken with have been really GREAT! "
Corina M. - REALTOR®
Professional Realty Services - April 2019

Corina M - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"So far each call to Customer Service has been above and beyond my expectations. Will be recommending Z57."
Pacific Sothebys International Realty - April 2019

Jim O - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"My account manager is plain awesome. He knows exactly what I wanted and tailored the service to meet my needs."
Robert Y. - REALTOR®
Douglas Elliman California - April 2019

Robert Y - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"I am so grateful that my sales rep showed me how PropertyPulse could be a solution to major goals within my real estate business. PropertyPulse allows me to live my life and work my business while keeping my online marketing and more consistent. I am able to WOW new prospects with my website which provides school reports, neighborhood reports and more! The insights within my PropertyPulse are priceless! To know what I did not know or would not know without insights is a game changer. Z Academy is training I am honored to invest in. This training is top notch! And the service from all departments is excellent! I know they will always take care of me when I reach out for anything. I am grateful that my sales rep invests his time with me and coaches me. I know I will be able to serve many more people with the services and people I have supporting me with PropertyPulse!"
Tricia S. - REALTOR®
Keller Williams Realty South Watuppa - April 2019

Tricia S - Z57 Reviews

"I haven't even paid yet, however learned a lot today! Jason has changed my mindset! I am ready to invest in myself! Z57 is going to help me immensely with my business! Jason is so willing to answer my questions and call me back to insure I get them answered! Can't wait to start!"
Cindy L. - REALTOR®
Equity Real Estate - March 2019

Cindy L - Z57 Reviews

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