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Fully Optimized Real Estate Tools and Marketing Program

Z57’s PropertyPulse and Real Estate Tools are designed to provide an all-encompassing marketing program geared towards social media marketing and growing the sphere of influence for real estate agents that want to hit their GCI goal.

Fully Optimized Real Estate Tools

Advanced Social Media Presence

Use our real estate tools to reach your sphere of influence across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn organically or through Facebook advertising. Benefit from automated posts for listing, listing video posting, and IDX.

Robust CRM & Website Platform

Leverage full lead management CRM tools to track your pipeline, generate a custom email schedule targeting specific lead groups and seamlessly take control and edit your lead generation website.

Lead Intelligence

Benefit from additional information about your new leads including: website activity, data searches, social profiles, email insights, and more.

Automation Platform

Not only a CRM, but a platform designed to help reach success. Full automation allows for less time investment and more time focused on closing deals.

William A. - REALTOR®

I have used Z57 for a number of years now. They are always responsive to any changes I need. I particularly like the Property Pulse section for lead management. It enables me to easily stay in contact with my clients and also to market homes that I list for sale…read more

Julie R. - Z57 Reviews

As a new agent, I found it difficult to find leads by relying just on my connections within the community. I knew that I needed to build my online presence, but of course, there are only so many hours in the day. Z57 has been so helpful for me in…read more

Jay C. - REALTOR® From Wilmington, NC

"I was initially contacted by a Z57 marketing consultant who spent approximately 3 and a half hours explaining the benefits and services offered with the Property Pulse Program. I am skeptical by nature so I had many questions and objections to signing up with a program that was promising to…read more

Laura S. - REALTOR® From Knoxville, TN

I've been a real estate professional for 15 years. In the beginning, I worked it old school... newspaper ads, door knocking, cold calling. After a few years, I started working REO's and performing CMA's, BPO's for a steady income. I didn't have the training behind me to keep my business…read more

Carmelo D. - REALTOR®- Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate - Real Estate Tools

"Z77 provides everything I need to be successful " Carmelo D. - REALTOR® Carolina Solution - June 2019

Tricia S - Z57 Reviews

"I am so grateful that my sales rep showed me how PropertyPulse could be a solution to major goals within my real estate business. PropertyPulse allows me to live my life and work my business while keeping my online marketing and more consistent. I am able to WOW new prospects…read more

John M - Z57 Reviews - Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate

"Everyone I meet enjoys the postings on Facebook I get compliments all the time. " John M. - REALTOR® Listing Paradise Realty - March 2019

Ron G - Z57 Reviews

"It is not an easy task change my brokerage and retain all my prospects. Z57 Property Pulse completed the task and I was able to retain all 1,626 prospects. I now have the most up to date, state of the art, CRM systems available. In fact, Z57 Property Pulse completed…read more

Michael D - Z57 Reviews

"Just closed my 1st deal using the program. Client went to my website, did a search for the value of her condo and when I called, she allowed me to list and sell the property." Michael D. - REALTOR® Westgate Real Estate - October 2018

Mujahidul Hawk H - Z57 Reviews

"Initially I was a bit skeptical, however after using Z57's PropertyPulse I realized it's a great tool for social media automation and website tools. Before I was not very consistent with my Facebook page blog posts, but now Z57 takes care of it. And I've been getting more visitors to…read more

Real Estate Tools, Powerful Automation & Data Analytics

Real Estate Tools - Social Postings
Social Media Marketing

Create your online social presence and generate referral leads through powerful posting, engaging content & automation

Real Estate Tools - Lead Generation Website
Lead Capture Website

Full-functioning lead generation website geared to promote branding while engaging new and existing leads

Real Estate Tools - Lead Management
Lead Management

Robust lead management platform designed to group, tag and seamlessly market to newly captured leads

Real Estate Tools - SEM
Search Engine Marketing

Real Estate leads and traffic are still available – drive more traffic to your website and get more leads now!

Real Estate Tools - Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Build customizable HTML automated campaigns, listing emails or leverage one from the email library

Real Estate Tools - Website Buttons
Listings Management

Automatically import listings and get listing updates from your MLS

Real Estate Tools - Service
Service for Success

Coaching with a dedicated Account Manager designed to create agent success

Real Estate Tools - Z57 Academy Button
Real Estate Academy

Receive real estate business coaching with a community designed to improve your GCI – at no extra charge!

Real Estate Tools - Facebook Ads
Facebook Advertising

Seamlessly market your listings through Facebook Ads

Real Estate Tools - Video Listings Button
Listing Videos

Benefit from your listings turned into videos and marketed on multiple social platforms

Real Estate Tools - Data
Control and Analytics

Control all of your marketing and easily view the performance

Real Estate Tools - Personalization

Enjoy tailoring your marketing efforts to meet your branding and business needs

Real Estate Tools that are Trusted by Thousands of Professionals

Don’t settle for any real estate tools to marketing your listings, grow your online presence and generate leads – PropertyPulse is the best choice & you can get started for an affordable price today!

Social Media Marketing

Are You Using Social Media to Drive Business?

Social media has become key to successful real estate marketing. With over 1 billion people actively using just Facebook for more time per day than any other site on the internet, Real Estate Agents must be active too.  But who has time to dedicate hours on social media, building out the perfect strategy and staying up to speed with posts?  

Automate and Simplify Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of PropertyPulse to automate your social media presence, drive traffic to your website and generate actual leads!  Stop spending time defining your strategy and let Z57 provide IDX Posts, Listing Posts, Engagement Posts, Listing Albums, Listing Videos, Website promotion and more for you! Plus – take advantage of the powerful scheduler and calendar to easily prepare your materials in advance. Social Media is not a channel real estate agents should be without.

Real Estate Tools - Social Media Marketing

Real Estate Tools Offered

Professional Listing Pages
Real Estate News Blog
Website IDX Search
Variable Lead Capture
Page Editor
Lead Manager
Personalization Options
Listing Manager
Branding Customizations
Engagement Posts
Auto Import & Update
Lead Social Profiles

Lead Generation Websites

Lead Intelligence

Simplify follow-up and improve conversion rates with detailed lead activity data. Maximize your effectiveness with automatic new lead notifications.

Personalize the Experience

Ordinary websites won’t cut it anymore for real estate agents. Agents must have fast and reliable robust data available for home shoppers and sellers. Get ahead of the competition with data-driven sites leveraging IDX listings, sold data, school & community reports plus local hot spots. Customize your lead capture preferences with variable lead capture while providing a seamless and easy way for leads to sign up to receive more information and listing details they’re interested in receiving and when they want to receive it.

Plus, track your lead’s activity searches and web visits to personalize their experience on a more granular level. Not to mention, easily organize your contacts and search based on email activity.

Real Estate Tools Offered

Website IDX Search
Professional Listing Pages
Real Estate News Blog
Variable Lead Capture
Page Editor
Lead Manager
Personalization Options
Listing Manager
Branding Customizations
Engagement Posts
Auto Import & Update
Lead Social Profiles

Search Engine Marketing

In order to have a successful online business presence, it is crucial to understand search engine visibility and traffic drivers. Don’t know much about how search engine marketing works? View our FAQ page.

How We Can Help

Our marketing experts evaluate your website’s traffic potential and design a success plan to maximize your results complete with a monthly traffic guarantee. Our program combines the power of pay-per-click advertising – which drives immediate traffic to your site,  with search engine optimization – which creates organic site traffic and helps you get better long-term visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEM Real Estate Tools

Real Estate Tools Offered

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Search Engine Optimization
Traffic Guarantee
Personal Traffic Coach

Service for Success

A real estate agent’s success is Z57’s success! It’s critical to us at Z57 that agents have the support needed to grow their business while using PropertyPulse. Leverage the Client Advocacy team for product support, the Help Center for on-demand tutorials, recorded webinars for deeper insights or join the Academy for in-depth knowledge on growing GCI.

Learn more about the Academy Today!

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Service for Success

Real Estate Tools Offered

Real Estate Marketing Advice & Strategy Development
Account Managers
24/7 Help Center
Technical Support

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