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Social Videos

The Social Videos application was built to enhance our customers (Real Estate Agents) ability to share and market homes they are attempting to sell by featuring videos of the homes on YouTube.


The current functionality for the Social Videos application allows our customers to integrate their PropertyPulse account to their YouTube Channel, and post videos to their YouTube channel directly from within the PropertyPulse web application.

Sensitive Scopes Justification

We are currently using 2 sensitive scopes during our OAuth consent screen

  • /auth/youtube – This scope allows our users to see their available channels and select the targeted channel during the OAuth process.
  • /auth/youtube.upload – This scope allows our customers to publish videos of properties directly to their channel from within the PropertyPulse web application.


In order to view our OAuth consent screen and verify it, you will need to log into our PropertyPulse Application at the following link:

Once logged in, you should be redirected to the Social Integrations page within PropertyPulse. If not – click the “Settings” dropdown in the top right corner and click “Social Integrations” in the expandable.

You will see a “Authorize Youtube” button. Once clicked, this will take you through the OAuth Consent screen that is requesting sensitive scopes.


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