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I’ve been a real estate professional for 15 years. In the beginning, I worked it old school… newspaper ads, door knocking, cold calling. After a few years, I started working REO’s and performing CMA’s, BPO’s for a steady income. I didn’t have the training behind me to keep my business steady. I knew I needed help to move my business forward and I finally found it! Lead generation is the backbone to our business and getting those leads in and having a system in place to work them and to keep them engaged is the only way that you can move forward. Its not an overnight process but something that has to be worked long term. Having experienced professionals behind me with Z57 is giving me the edge I need. I can concentrate on my business and let them handle the technical parts that I don’t have the time or expertise to handle. Thank you Z57.
Laura S. – REALTOR®
Keller Williams – August 2019

Laura S. - REALTOR® From Knoxville, TN
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